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Albert Hayes

I was a tattoo artist for over 20 years, was featured in Ink magazine and worked in some of the top shops around the country. For many years I enjoyed the Art of drawing on skin, but life likes to challenge you and throw some curve balls. I became legally blind due to an eye disease called Keratoconus. For several years I struggled to see simple things such as writing on a sign or even a paper on the floor. I had to give up Tattooing due to my vision. I have always had a passion for art and loved to draw. I decided I was not going to give up, I was not going to let my vision get in the

way of what I loved to do. I began to draw again this time on paper. I did whatever I could to see the paper, from using a magnifying glass, to extra lights, to holding my face a few inches from the paper. It was not easy with my Vision being 20/500 in one eye and only seeing hand movement in the other (not even seeing the giant E on the eye chart) but I wasn't going to give up! I had been to numerous eye doctors and tried various procedures and nothing worked. I had several eye doctors tell me there was nothing they could do and I would have to learn to accept I was legally blind. However, at the end of 2017 my wife and I met an eye doctor who did the impossible and found a way to get my vision back! We were both amazed! There were tears of joy from everyone in the room, including the eye doctor and his staff, when I looked around the room and said "I can see!" Even when many other eye doctors had said it was not possible, this doctor had found a way. He gave us a gift and new hope. At first it was an adjustment having to refocus my hand and head placement on the paper while trying to draw, but eventually I was able to reteach myself the Art I had always loved to do. I was finally ready to start my hand again with tattooing. At the beginning of 2019 I was able to come out of retirement and start tattooing again. This time however, I decided to continue my art on paper. I now offer my style on both. As you can see from my art, I see the world a little differently, and love to create things a little different than everyday Art. I enjoy creating animals in a new light, as well as portraits, medieval and mythical. Just tell me your ideas and let me create something you will be proud of for many years to come.

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