This cute little String Art piece is perfect to honor your favorite pet (whether they are still with us or not) or use it in your child's room or to show off in your hallway with all your family pictures. Show someone you love them with a heart. This is made completely by hand using nails and string on wood. Measures 6in x 6in x 2in They would look great on your desk at work, or maybe in your craft room, or alongside your family photo wall. Use it in your entry way on a table, or next to your couch on an end table. Wherever you decide, It is sure to look super cute!It comes hand stained in 6 colors: Black, Black Wash, Gray Wash, Glitter, Honey and Aqua. You choose the color. (See photos for colors of wood options)The "O" comes in 5 different designs: Cat Paw, Dog Paw, Horseshoe, Hand or Heart. You choose the design. I can do them in any color you like, just let me know what color you want. (In the photos you can see an example of each design)The "L" "V" "E" Come in 2 colors: Black or White. You pick the color. (Keep in mind that dark colors look better on lighter wood and Lighter colors look better on darker wood, This way they stand out and pop better)You can also add any name your heart desires that is 7 characters or less. The "Heart" can hold 2 names each name can be up to 7 characters. Or if you do not wish to add a name, that's fine too. The names are made out of alphabet beads. (Photos show examples of what a name would look like, Adding a name is completely optional)Please fill out in the all your selections either in the drop box options and in the customize section upon check out.What color wood do you want? What color do you want the LVE?, What color do you want the "O"? What design do you want? (Dog, Cat, Horseshoe, Hand, Heart) Do you want a name added? If so, what name? (Remember, each name must be under 7 characters. Keep in mind that because each piece is handmade when you order it, it may not look exactly the same on every one. (Don't worry, we pride ourselves on detail, so it will still be amazing) Also because every piece of wood has different wood grains, each one will be a little different. No 2 are exactly the same! 😊


These are made to order, please allow 3 business days to create your order

Custom "Love" String Art

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